[From Manx Quarterly, #28 1922]

Manx Australian Woman's Bequests to Insular Charities

Mrs Sarah Jane Osborne (formerly Cowle), who died in Sydney, in April, 1920, has left the baulk of her estate, valued at about 5,000, in trust for charitable objects in the Isle of Man, of which country she was a native. The deceased lady's executor, Mr John Buchanan, banker, of Sydney, recently visited the Island, and conferred with the Attorney-General and other gentlemen interested in Manx charities, and a deed has just been executed by which Mr Buchanan has appointed Messrs G. F. Clucas, S.H.K., J. L. Goldie-Taubman, H.K., and F. M. LaMothe,* High-Bailiff of Ramsey, his attorneys in the Island, and has directed them to make certain annual benefactions. The Ramsey Cottage Hospital is to be enlarged by the addition of a children's ward, the gift to be commemorated by an inscription on the wall; Noble's Hospital is to have an endowment of two beds; the Industrial Home, a lump sum of 100, and an annual endowment of 40; the H.B. Noble District Nursing Associations, 50 down, and 20 annually; the Douglas Soup Dispensary, 20 down, and 10 annually; the S.P.C.C. 30 down, and 10 annually; the Police Court Mission, 40 down and 20 annually; the House of Industry, 30 down, and 10 annually; the Child Welfare Association, 30 down, and 10 annually; and the Crippled Children's Fund, 20 annually. The Local War Pensions Committee are to receive 100 down, and 20 annually, for the relief of case.; not met or not sufficiently met by the Government scheme for the assistance of sufferers by the war. In addition, the attorneys of Mr Buchanan are empowered to select deserving objects or individuals in each year for the receipt of benefits totalling not more than 20.

* Mr LaMothe was appointed Deemster in December, 1921.


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