[from Manx Quarterly, #24, Jan 1921]

Old Manx Insurance Policies : Interesting Relics of the Past

Two remarkably interesting documents have just been hung on the walls of the Douglas office of the Sun Fire and Life Assurance Coy., of which Mr D. H. Rothwell is agent. One is dated 12th March, 1805, and is therefore 115 years old, and is a policy assuring certain property belonging to Miss Rachel Kissack against damage by fire, to the extent of 600. The policyholder is described as "Rachel Kissack of the town of Douglas, spinster," and the assured property is described as "two dwelling-houses adjoining each other, situated as aforesaid." Douglas has grown a little bigger since that date when such a slender identification could have been deemed sufficient? This policy came into the possession of Mr and Mrs Richard Radcliffe, of Brookfield, Ramsey ; and has been presented by them to the Company.

The other policy is dated May 7th, 1827, and assures certain properties belonging to Major Caesar Bacon, whose residence is there stated as being in Douglas, to the extant of 1,200. The properties included the water corn-mill and kiln at Staward, in the Parish of Kirk Christ, Lezayre, in the tenure of Fred Anderson, miller; a dwelling-house near, in the tenure of .— Gilmore; a barn, stables, and cowhouse; and also, a house near in the tenure of "Crane, victualler." The document has been presented to the Company by Mr E. Teschemacher, of Teignmouth, Devon, who is the executor of 'the will of the late Mr J. C. Bacon, of Seafield, Santon.

The agent who put this business through was Mr James Moore, father of the late William Fine Moore, H.K., and grandfather of the late Speaker Moore. The Company has been in existence since 1710, and this policy of Miss Kissack's is numbered 774,451.


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