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 Edward Killey

Died May 10th, 1920.

With deep regret we announce the death of Mr Edward Killey, of Ivy Bank, Foxdale, which occured on Monday, May 10th, at the age of 80 years. Mr Killey was a remarkably active man, considering his advanced years, and took a keen interest in parish and local affairs. He was chairman of the Patrick School Board, and a manager of the Foxdale Board Schools, and was vice-chairman of the Western Higher Education Board. On Thursday of last week he attended the monthly meeting of the Parish Board. He was also a member of Board of Guardians. Mr Killey was a local preacher on the Peel Wesleyan Circuit for 62 years. On completing 60 years as a preacher, he was the recipient of a testimonial from the circuit. Last New Year’s Eve he preached his 50th annual Watchnight sermon at Lower Foxdale. In Temperance affairs he was one of the founders of the Star of Foxdale Rechabite Tent, and was its first secretary, a PD. Chief Ruler, and later trustee and book steward. He was at the monthly meeting last Saturday. When a young man, at the time of the Australian gold rush, Mr Killey emigrated there, and later, when returned home, he became manager of the Foxdale Co-Operative Society, which post he held for many years, until his retirement. He will be much missed in the village in many ways. It became known on Sunday that Mr Killey had become seriously ill, and despite medical aid he passed away on Monday. The funeral took place at St. Paul’s Churchyard on Thursday. The first part of service was held in the village chapel, and in chapel and graveside the service was taken part in by the Rev G. J. Chamberlain and Rev F. A. Rawcliffe. The pulpit was suitably draped black. There was a large assembly of friends and sympathisers, among whom were :—Mr R. B. Quirk, C.P., J.P., M.L.C. ; Mr S. Dalgleish, H.K. Mr J. Allen, District Chief Ruler of Rechabites ; Mr T. Clucas, St. Johns ; Mr A. J. Ridge, Peel ; Mr R. W. Cowley, Cronk Bane; Mr R. R. Kermode, Peel; Mr J. J. Boyde, Lhergydhoo ; Mr J. Clinton, Peel; Mr J. W. Watterson, St. Johns ; Mr W. H. Garrett, Greeba ; Mr P. Quirk, Peel ; Mr J. S. Boyde, Peel; Mr J. K. Gawne, Peel; Mr R. Kneen, Patrick ; Mr J. Quirk, Patrick; Mr E. Cashin, Peel ; Alderman J. T. Faragher, Douglas ; Mr S. Kermode, Kionslieu; Mr W. H. Shimmin, Mr R. Gell, Mr W. Teare. Scholars of the Board School attended under Mr and Mrs Hewitt. The Dead March in "Saul" was feelingly played by Miss E. Shimmin. The pall-bearers were officers of Star of Foxdale Tent—Messrs W. E. Callister, Mr A. Shimmin, Mr J. Gendle, and Mr W. Morgan. As the cortege left the chapel, the children led, and every blind en route was drawn. Nearing the grave-side, the children lined the pathway to let the solemn procession pass. The last rites of the Rechabite Order was read by Mr J. Allen, D.C.R., and the ode feelingly sung.

Among the many wreaths, etc., sent, were the following :—" In love and sympathy from the children and teachers of the Foxdale Board School to their true Christian friend" ; " With deepest sympathy from teachers and children of Patrick School"; " With deepest sympathy from C. J. Quane and scholars and staff of Dalby School"; " As a token of respect from Lower Foxdale Wesleyan Sunday-school and Chapel"; " From Gertie, with fond remembrance"; " With loving sympathy from all at Bank House, Peel" ; " In loving memory from Thomas and Annie and family" ; " Deepest sympathy from Mrs Bridson and family" " Deepest sympathy from Nellie and Joe" ‚"From a little friend with deepest sympathy—Florence."



Died May 10th, 1920,

Word has been received in Castletown of the death of the Rev. H. Backwell, eldest son of the late Mr M. J. Backwell, of Malew-street, which took place at Southsea, on the 10th May. The Rev. H. Backwell was born in Castletown, in 1855. He married Miss Helena Fleming, daughter of the late Mr Thos. Fleming, of Douglas. There survive one son (now in Civil Service, Nigeria, West Africa), and two daughters, the elder being married to Mr Hugill, an officer in the Navy; the younger is at home with Mrs Backwell, who also survives. Mr Backwell had a distinguished career as chaplain in the Royal Navy and Naval Instructor, and had lived in India, China, etc. The internent took place at Highfield Cemetery, Southsea, on the 14th May.


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