[From The Manx Quarterly, #23]

Mrs T. W. Hague.

Died May, 1920.


The death occurred recently of Mrs Hague, wife of Mr P. W. Hague, of the Crofts Castletown, and formerly engaged in the Inland Revenue Department. Deceased, who was 74 years old, had resided away from the Island for the greater part of her life, but she was a native of Castletown, being a daughter of the late Mr Alex. R. P. Oliver, who came to Castletown in the late ‘thirties as a professsional landscape gardener for the purpose of laying out certain grounds amongst which was the Lorne House property, then owned by Mr Cunninghan He was induced to remain when the late Governor Ready took up his residence there, and when Governor Hope succeeded he undertook the duties of farm bailiff and head gardener, the establishment having been considerably extended. Instead of entering the medical profession, for which he been partly prepared, he preferred to be articled as a landscape gardener on Earl Minto's estate. He had some experience at one time under Sir Joseph Paxton. He was a skilful experimental botanist, with a wide knowledge of plants and plant life, and, as stated, was particularly well versed in medical botany. He was of the family of Olivers, residents of Jedburgh, who claim to be of the same stock as that of Lord Oliver, Abbot of Dryburgh Abbey. who, in early times (circa 1262 A.D) was closely asociated with the Haigs of Bomeryde near by ; which Abboy has been the burial place of the Haig’s practically since its foundation by David 1st of Scotland, who resided at Roxburgh. Sir Walter Scott and Lockhart lie buried in Dryburgh Abbey also.. Mr Oliver had an extensive knowledge of the medicinal properties of common herbs, and in various ways he made himself influential in the life of the community. Mrs Hague returned to the Island with her husband and family a number of years ago, and after a short residence in Ballaugh, took up their abode in Castletown.

Mrs Hague was a pleasant and intelligent lady. and delighted in reminiscences of the old Castletown worthies who flourished in the days of her youth.


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