[From Manx Quarterly #8 April 1910]


Vancouver, B.C., claims to be "the Liverpool of the Pacific"; and this claim is substantiated by the fact that Vancouver has a larger Manx population probably, than any other city in the Dominion of Canada. The youthful Manx Society of Vancouver held its second annual re-union banquet in the Orange Hall, on New Year's Night.

About 150 persons assembled to celebrate the occasion. Several came in from New Westminster, and some even journeyed up from Seattle for the purpose. The Proceedings throughout were most enthusiastic, as " Lovely Mona " and its associations were honoured by feast, song, and speech. Let us hasten to remark, however, that the banquet was a strictly teetotal one, nothing worse than water, tea, and coffee being provided. Mr Wm. Gawne (vice-president) received the guests or. arrival, and the programme was directed by the president, Mr Robert H. Greggor. Mr Davies acted as pianist. The tables were in charge of the following ladies: — Mrs W. J. Cain and Mrs R. J. Thompson ; Misses Corlett and Mrs J. Kelly; Mrs W. Gawne, Mrs R. Walker, and Miss Walker; Mrs Dixon and Miss Moss; Mrs R. F Killip and Miss Gill; Mrs R. H. Greggor and Miss Aggie Greggor.

When the company had done what they could towards relieving the groaning tables, the president rose and proposed the health of "The King," with hearty response. Then, amid great enthusiasm, Mr H. Kewish proposed "Ellan Vannin," and the hall rang with the strains of " My own dear Ellan Vannin, with its green hills by the sea." Mr Caesar J. Gell responded; and a solo was rendered by Mr Walter J. Stevenson (encored). Mr R. F. Killip proposed " Canada," and, after "The Maple Leaf " chorus had been sung, Mr William J. Cain responded. Mr Jack Watterson sang a solo (encored). Mr Alf Coole proposed "The Manx Abroad," this toast being endorsed by the singing of the " The Manx Exile," and responded to by Mr Ernest Costain. A duet was rendered by Miss Ada M. Corlett and Mr W. J. Stevenson (encored). " The Old Folks at Home" was the toast proposed by Mr Robert J. Thompson, the energetic secretary of the society. In this connection, the Manx linguists present had an opportunity of singing " Mylechraine." They rose to the occasion and sang it with great gusto. Mr Ambrose Lewthwaite made the responsive speech. The Misses Cottier gave a mandolin duet, accompanied on the piano by Mrs McGregor. A duet was sung by Misses Bessie and Grace Killip. Mr Harry Muncaster proposed "The Ladies," musical honours of which took the form of " Ramsey Town." And " Ramsey Town" the people sang again and again — and again, pausing long enough for Miss Ada M. Corlett to respond on the ladies' behalf, and then keeping the chorus going till everybody was satisfied. A solo was rendered by Mr Thomas H. Cain (encored). " Our Society" was proposed by Capt. Cowper, and responded to by Mr Greggor. Solos (encored) were rendered by Mr W. J. Cain and Mr J. J. Comish, and a recitation was given by Mr H. Cowley. "Auld Lang Syne" concluded the proceedings before New Year's Day, 1910, was quite over.

The Blue Funnel liner " Ning Chow," which arrived in port on New Year's Eve, had in its crew two Manxmen, Mr T. J. Qualtrough and Mr Edward Burden, who, on the voyage across the Pacific from Shanghai, had been alternating between the hope that they might, and the fear that they might not reach Vancouver in time for the Manx re-union. Probably none appreciated the affair so greatly as they did.

The " Examiner" correspondent tried to obtain the names and birth-places of all present Here is his list, with apologies for any inadvertent omissions:—

Mr H. E. Allen, Durhamr, Ontario; Mrs H. E Allen, Douglas; Mr H. Bell, Douglas; Mr J. L. Bruce, Lonan ; Mr Edward Burden, Peel; Miss Nellie Cain, Patrick; Mr George Cain, Douglas; Mr James Cain, Peel; Mr Jas. Cain, Castletown; Miss Edna Cain and Miss Phyllis Cain, Vancouver; Mr John Cain, Peel; Mr Stanley Cain; Douglas; Mr Wm. J. Cain and Mrs W. J. Cain, Peel; Master Willie Cain and Master Jack Cain, Vancouver; Mr J. J. Comish, Port St. Mary; Mr Alf. Coole, Douglas; Miss E. E Corlett, Ballaugh; Miss A. M. Corlett, Chicago; Mr Ernest Costain and Mr Eden GGoostain, Port Erin; Miss Cattier, Miss Lily Cottier; Mr H. Cowley, Port St. Mary; Captain Cowper, and Mrs Cowper, Douglas; Mr William Cregeen, Patrick; Masters Mulvie, Lloyd, and Clifton Davidson, Nebraska; Mr Davies, Birmingham; Mrs Davies, Derby; Mr Deakin, Mrs Deakin, and Miss Deakin, Ramsey; Mr Dunstone, Foxdale; Mr Thomas Fayle, Peel; Mr Percy Fielding and Mr James Fielding, Douglas; Mr Robert C. Gale, Jurby; Mrs R. C. Gale, Braddan ; Master Bert Gale and Miss Edith Gale, Douglas; Master Jack Gale, Vancouver; Mr Wm. Gawne, Douglas; Mrs W. Gawne, Michael; Miss Gladys Gawne and Miss Irene Gawne, Douglas; Mr C. J. G,ell, Patrick; Mr Ed. Gelling, Douglas; Miss Lizzie Gill, Lezayre; Mr Ii. H. Greggor and Mrs R. H. Greggor, Peel; Miss Aggie Greggor, Liverpool; Miss Mona Gerggor, Master Douglas Greggor, Miss Fenella Greggor, Miss Helen Greggor, and Master R. Peel Greggor, Vancouver; Mr H. Grace, Port St. Mary; Mr A. E. Halsall, Douglas; Mr R.. F' Killip, Bride; Mrs R. F. Killip, Chatham, Ontario; Misses Bessie and Grace Killip, Chatham; Mr W. H. Kelly, Miss Blanche Kelly, Miss Bessie Kelly, and Mr J. Kelly, Laxey ; Mrs J. Kelly, Carleton, Ontario; Miss Bertha Kelly, Master Clive Kelly, Master Wilbert Kelly, and Miss Beatrice Kelly, Vancouver; Mr W. Kermeen, Mrs W. Kermeen, Master Arthur Kermeen, and Miss Winifred Kermeen, Liverpool; Mr H. Kewish, Arbory; Mr Dan Kneale, Mr Daniel Kneale, Mr Ed. Kneale, and Mr James Kneale, Ramsey; Mr W. L. Kneale, Douglas; Mr Douglas V. Lewthwaite, Braddan ; Mr A. Lewthwaite and Mrs A Lewthwaite, Braddan; Miss Mona Lewthwaite and Master Alec Lewthwaite, Vancouver; Mr E. and Mr T. C. Maddrell, Arbory ; Mrs F. Marsh; Mr McGregor, Picton, N.S. ; Mrs McGregor, Miss Maggie McGregor ; Mrs Moss, Master Alec Moss, Miss Maggie Moss; Mr H. Muncaster, Douglas; Mr McWaters, Wigtonshire; Mrs McWatsrs, Douglas; Mr W. J. Phillips and Mr J. W. Phillips, Douglas, Mr R. H. Quaggin and Mrs R. H. Quaggin, Douglas; Mr H. M. Quayle, Douglas; Mr W. J. Quayle, Liverpool; Mrs W. J. Quayle, Peel; Master Tom Quayle, Vancouver; Mr George Quine, Laxey ; Mr Stephen Quirk, Peel; Mr Shean and Mrs Shean ; Mr Alfred E. Stevenson, Mr T. C. Stevenson, and Mr W. J. Stevenson, Lezayre; Mr Shepherd, Douglas; Mrs Trudgeon, Foxdale; Mr R. J. Thompson, Ramsey ; Mrs R. J. Thompson, Enby, Sweden; Mr Oscar Ward; Mr Robt. Walker, Ballaugh ; Mrs R. Walker, Gaspe, Quebec; Miss May Walker and Master John Walker, Vancouver; Mr J. Watterson, Arbory; Mr Fred Woods, Port St. Mary. Mr John Callister, hon. president, being unable to attend, sent his compliments in substantial form.


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