World Manx Association at Bishopscourt,

p,. 5


World Manx Association, Letters of the Cleragh,

p. 13


Manx Societies at Home and Abroad : London ;Accrington ;Liverpool ;Barrow ;Transvaal ; Vancouver ; Montreal ; Chicago ;Cleveland ;Queensland ; Winnipeg ; India

p. 22


British Treatment of Enemy Prisoners,

p. 71


Poems :



Lines to a Snowdrop ; What should we do ; The Shadow and Sunshine of an Hour in my Life ; Thoughts of the Day and Dreams of the Night ; Do Not Forget ; Peace, Be Still ; Lines" to the "All is Lost Brigade "; Beautiful Snow; Our Mothers; Memories ; Ring„ Christmas Bells; All Things that Count ; An Ode to my little Niece, Marjory,

p. 75-78; 101

Beatrice A. Eyre, M.S.P.

Eyes'; Mona.

p. 79, 83

H. Lilley, M.S.P.

There's' Sadness in Remembrance,

p 79

Dorothy Eyre

Nature and Life,

p. 80

W. D.

Old Royal Hotel ; The Rose ; The Snowdrop ;Ash Wednesday ; Watchman ! What of the Night; Mock Tynwald,Musician The Soul's' Quest

p,. 79-81

Robert Killip

An Ode to the Land of my Birth


M. Corkill

Early Days


J. S.

In Defence of Science,

p. 82

Bertha Baily

Nell A'Vris,

p. 106

George Quarrie

Memorial Notices:

p. 102


Thomas Bawden ; John Groome ;Victor Pleignier ;Canon Stowell ; Stephen Kewley ; W. N. Skillicorn ; Frank Strickland ; John Quale ; Robert Nelson Caine ; John Nelson Caine ; William Edwin Mylechraine ; John Blair ; Captain John Tarbet ; John Casement ; Mrs. Straton ; R. J. Kelly (Nebraska) ; Charles King ; Thomas H. Creer ; J. C. Bacon ; James H. Clarke ; John Faragher ; William Gorry ; Robert Jacob Kelly ; John J. Davidsion ; William Gawne ; Mrs. Janet Kelly ; Samuel Watterson ; Frederick Kelly ; John Kelly ; William Henry James (Natal) ; William J. Radcliffe ; Mrs. Joughin ; J. T. W. Wicksey; Joseph Callister,

The Cross of St. Maughold.

p. 84

Rev. Herbert Pitts

Sermon on Immortality.

p. 87

Rev. John Williamson M.A.

Rev. Thomas Mostyn Pinnock,

p. 93


High-Bailiff Cruickshank,

p. 97


The Shadows of the Cinema.


W.R.Hall Caine

The Illustrations include : Portraits of the late Mrs. Straten, John Casement, W.J. Radcliffe, J. M. Cruickshank, Rev, T. M. Pinnock. D.Litt.,; and St. Maughold's Cross Also Pen and Ink Drawings of Old Royal Hotel.


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