CONTENTS OF No. 16. Vol. II.

The Forbes Memorial,

p. 367


A Manx Composer — W H. Gill,

p. 369


The Story of St. Matthew's Church,

p. 372


Our Lady of Rushen,

p. 374

Rev.Herbert Pitts

Sacrilege of the Isle of Man,

p. 379

Dorothy Eyre

English-Manx-Gaelic Etymologies,

p. 383

Henri M. Leon, M.A.,PhD., F.S.P.

The language of Eden,

p. 393


From Przemysl to Douglas in 1796,

p. 399

W. Cubbon

The Adventure of the Vixen,

p. 403

T. E. Edwardes

Tom Brown Hollantide Celebration,

p. 471


Reminiscences of the Victoria Hotel,

p. 477

 A. E. R.

Eagle and Child,

p. 402


Poetry :


A Country Life,

p. 373


The Hedgerows of Spring,

p. 382


Gentle Rain,

p. 396


An Apology for My Dog,

p. 397


To the Clerk — and his Weather,

p. 461


Autumn Leaves,

p. 462


My Island Home,

p. 378

E. Burgess:

A Legend of To-morrow,

p. 378


Summer Rosebuds.

p. 380


The Problem of Life,


Beatrice A. Eyre, M.S.P.

A Farewell Ode to Laxey Veg Veen,

p. 398


Meetings and Partings,

p. 461


Castle Rushen,

p. 381


A Lass of Mona,

p. 396

H. Lilley,M.S.P.


p. 428

Robert Killip

Manx Societies at Home and Abroad : World Manx Association Re-union at Great Meadow ; Letters by " Cleragh " ; London Manx Society ; Barrow ; Montreal ; Cleveland ; Middle West ; Brantford ; Transvaal,

p. 405


Liverpool Manx .Society,

p. 424


The Manx Society,

p. 474


Memorial Notices :

p. 432


Captain John Hope, R.N. ; Mrs. John Costain ; Miss M. E. Robinson ; John C. Sansbury ; John F. Clucas ; Sam. Shippam ;Captain Thomas Keig ; John Quirk ; Thomas Gelling ; Frances Emma Cowin ; Jos. Hampton ; John Cubbon ; John William Shimmin ; Captain W. T. Callister ; Ephraim Wood ; Andrew Caley ; Francis Woodcock ; Mrs. Kelly ; Isabella E. Cowin ; George Skillicorn ; William J. Corlett, M.H.K. ; Charles B. Bickerstaff ; L. Dursley ; John Scarffe ; Jane Edgar ; Philip Teare

The Illustrations include : Portraits of Mr. Jos. Cunningham, M.H.K., the late Mr. W. J. Corlett, M.H.K„ the late Mr. Andrew Caley, the late Captain G. Goldie-Taubman ; Douglas Harbour, Douglas in 1860, s.s. Mona's Isle (1860).



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