CONTENTS OF No. 15. Vol. 11.

The Great Stanley, Lord of Man, translated from the French,

p. 255

G. W. Wood

The Broken Promise : A Manx Village Love Romance,

p. 262

Daniel Creer

The Boyhood of Lugh,

p. 266

Sophia Morrison

Rushen Place Names,

p. 268

J. J. Kneen

A Successful Manxman : the late Mr. G. H. Moore, of New Zealand,

p. 271

J. L. Wilson

Edward Forbes' Centenary,

p. 275


The Manxman at Home,

p. 282

Dorothy Hunt

English-Manx-Gallic Etymologies,

p. 287

Symposium by W. Ralph Hall Cain, Henri M. Leon, H. Lilley, etc.



The Battle of Ronaldsway, 1275 ;

p. 267

H. Lilley

Rushen Abbey,

p. 269

H. Lilley

The Outcast ; (1) The Child, (2) The Outcast,

p. 270

W. Gell

The Tale of the Tailless Cat,

p. 283

W. Gell


p. 284

H. Lilley

The Twilight of Souls,

p. 285

G. Geo. Lyster

Studies at the Play,

p. 302


The Murmuring Waves,

p. 357

Beatrice A. Eyre

Diggie Kneen,

p. 358

" Dhoolish"

Lesson of the Leaf,

p. 358

Beatrice A. Eyre


p. 358

Harold Kirkwood

Memorial -Notices :

p. 303


James Brearley ; Dr. Harry P. Hannay ; John J. Taggart ; Rev. Edmund Walsh ; John Cowin ; Mrs. Young ; the Hon. William Cain ; George Moore ; Mrs W. F. Moore ; G. R. Halton ; G. R. Cookson ; Mrs. Jane Callister ; T. H. Parker Mylechreest ; Thomas P. Ellison ; Alexander Hill ; Matthew Sharp ; Wm. Hudson ; Rev. John Chater ; Thomas Clague ; Arthur G. Kaye ;

Societies at Home and Abroad : World Manx Association ; The Manx Society ; Liverpool ; London ; Accrington ; Vancouver ; Toronto ; Brantford Canada ; Chicago ; Montreal ; The Transvaal ; Cleveland ; Melbourne ; Queensland ; Galva ; Ishpeming ;

p. 335


Suplement : Containing the Manx Music Festival, 1915

The Illustrations Sheet containing Portraits of Members of Manx Legislature 1914-15 (by kind permission of Messrs Brown and Son, Douglas ; Portraits of the late Hon. Cain, Mr. T. P. Ellison. Mr Clague. and Rev Dean Welsh :Mr J Stowell , Mr T.H. Moore ;Cartoon of the Kaiser ; Kelly's cottage; Peel Castle, Maughold Lighthouse


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