CONTENTS OF No. 13. Vol. II.

Architect's Description
[p. 2]
Braddan Church Room
[p. 5]
Opening of Villa Marina Kursaal,
p. 7
Visiting Journalists Entertained
[p. 14]
British Press References
[p. 16]
Manxman and his Baby,
p. 23
W. R. Hall Caine
Old Quirk the Antiquary,
p. 28
J. J. Kneen
Reminiscences of Laxey,
p. 34
F. C. Sim
Looking Back,
p. 36
S. W. Lynn
A Manx Homestead,
Juan Othghyil
One Hundred Years Ago : Extracts from the "Manks Advertiser,"
p, 42
A Douglas Tavern Sign,
p. 44
Hall Caine's "Woman Thou Gavest Me ": A Review,
 p. 45
Manx Societies at Home and Abroad : Liverpool London ; Manchester ; Accrington ; Barrow ; Montreal ; Toronto, Winnipeg ; Vancouver ; Cleveland ; the Transvaal ; Middle West, Kansas ; London (California) ; Buffalo,
 p. 47 to 84
The Manx Society : Annual Meeting ; Secretary and Treasurer's Reports ; List of Members,
p. 85
World Manx Association : The Cleragh's Letters ;Annual Meeting at Ballaquane, Peel,
 p. 100
Betsy Lee" Acted: Oration by Canon Quine,
p. 114
Poetry :
Workers in Sand,
p. 33
C. Geo. Lyster
The Snow Flower,
p. 33
Me Ataue Vale,
p, 41
Mannin of the Mist,
p. 38
H. Kirkwood
The Gate Keeper,
p. 46
King Herring,
p. 38
The Illustrations include : The Lieutenant-Governor's Carriage at the Opening of Villa Marina Kursaal ; Mayor of Douglas (Alderman R. Corlett, J.P.) ; the Procession to the Kursaal ; 2-page view of the Kursaal ; Alderman James Craine (Chairman of Promenades Committee of Corporation of Douglas) ; Mr. Alexander Robertson (Town Clerk ; Mr. Percy Robinson, F.R.I.B.A. and Mr W. Alban Jones, Lic. R.I.B.A.(Architects of Kursaal) ; Mr Arthur Page (Manager) ; Mr D. J. Kinnish, President, Liverpool Manx Society ; Portraits in character of " The Peel Players " (Mr Shimmin, Mr Meyrick, Mr Joughin, Miss Preston, and Miss Christian ; Braddan New Church Room ; A Manx Trafalgar Hero The Palace Coliseum ; Villa Marina Kursaal.
Thanks are due to Miss Morrison, for loan of blocks of "Illiam Kodhere's Will"; Town Clerk of Douglas, for Villa Marina " The Isle of Man Times," for Coliseum ; Rev. F. W. Stubbs, for Trafalgar Hero ; and " Daily News and Leader," for Kursaal, etc.


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