Manx Criminals in Liverpool,
p. 759
Manx Language Society,
p. 763
Wishing Wells and Superstitions,
p. 766
Manx Music Competitions. A Judge's Compliment
p. 768
Douglas Water Supply — Annual Inspection,
p. 770
Old Phil's Reminiscences: Good Friday Customs in Laxey,
p. 774
The Danger of Automatic Writing,
p. 775
Eightieth Anniversary of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company 1830-1910,
p. 795
A Holiday Trip Seventy-nine Years Ago,
p. 796
Ninety Years Ago,
p. 799
The New Steamer Snaefell: First Trip,
p. 805
The Tipperary Boy,
p. 843
Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the Isle of Man during 1909,
p. 846
Miss M. L. Wood: An Appreciation,
p. 852
Memorial Notices:
p. 811
George Preston; John Moore (Port St. Mary); Fred. Browne ; Dan. Teare Callow; John Keown (Peel); Thomas Costain ; Howard K. Cubbon ;James Moore ; Captain Torrance ; Dr. Samuel McBurney ;Caesar Kelly (Foxdale) ; Miss Sarah Croughan ;A. B H. Story; Mrs. Goulden ; Charles W. Coole ; Thomas Kelly (Peel) ; Joseph W. Swynnerton ; Wm. R Trotter; Robert Griffin Cottier; John Nelson (Ramsey); John Moir; Chas. W. Garland; Armitage Rigby, H.K. ; The Hon. James K.Ward; William George Greene ; Police-Sergt. John Ellison ;
Manx Societies at Home and Abroad: Vancouver; The Transvaal ; Middle West; London;
p. 854
THE ILLUSTRATIONS include Reproductions of Old Prints of Capt. William Gell; Mr. William Heatherington; Portraits of the late Armitage Rigby, H.K.; The Hon. J. K. Ward; James Moore, formerly Chairman of the Douglas School Board; the late A. B. H. Story, Treasurer of the Isle of Man; Miss M. L. Wood; the new Isle of Man Hospital (now building), etc.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS are due to the proprietors of the " Isle of Man Times" for loan of blocks of Captain Wm. Gell, William Heatherington, and Old Steam Packet Bill; and to the proprietor of the " Ramsey Courier" for block of Mr Rigby ; to the proprietor of the "Peel City Guardian" for that of the Hon. J. K. Ward and to the proprietors of the "Musical Herald" for block of Miss M. L. Wood.

October, 1910.

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