Food Adulteration — Public Analyst's Report,

page 163


St. Matthew's Chancel — Foundation Stone Ceremony,

p. 167


Music Festivals,

p. 170


Ramsey Cottage Hospital — Opening Ceremony,

p. 173


Isle of Man Statistical Abstract,

p. 177


Isle of Man Registrar — General's Report for 1906,

p. 186


Acts of Tynwald in 1907,

p. 192


Douglas Borough Report,

p. 203


With the Shield Winners at Blackpool,

p. 206


The Ward Public Library, Peel,

p. 214


Seventeen Hours on a Trawler,

p. 226

R. E. A.

The Channel Fleet in Douglas Bay,

p. 231


Translation of Bishop Straton — Presentations,

p. 241


When Derby was King of Man,

p. 248


Hymns in Manx,

p. 250

J. N.

The Lazy Wife: A Manx Story,

p. 251


Memorial Notices:

p. 253


Old Pete, of Ramsey ; Lady Ridgeway ; Sir Spencer Walpole ; Capt. Caesar Bacon Quane; Mrs McIver; Mrs Elizabeth Kneen ; Miss Amy Joughin ; John Cowley; Robert Kerruish ; John Gilbert ; J. B. Kelly; Thos. Kneen ; Robert Garside ; W. A. Quilliam ; Mrs Crellin ;

Notices of The Manx Quarterly,

p. 266


The ILLUSTRATIONS in this number include: Portraits of Bishop Straton and Mrs Straton ; Mrs F. H. Laughton ; W. A. Craine ; the Hon. J. K. Ward; Pictures of St. Matthew's Church, Biological Station and Fish Hatchery at Port Erin, Douglas Railway Station, Peel Bay, the Channel Fleet in Douglas Bay, Exterior and Interior of Pete's Cottage, The Ward Library at Peel, Ramsey Cottage Hospital.

Acknowledgments are due to Mr J. A. Brown for loan of block of Channel Fleet; to Mr W. K. Palmer for that of the Hon. J. K. Ward; and to Mr A. H. Teare for Ramsey Hospital.



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