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Confusingly there are two Thomas Cannells both born c. 1814 with Mormon links in Onchan around this period - it is possible that some confusion still exists - the first would appear to be Thomas Cannell + Jane Corlett (he was a tailor at Cronk Ny Mona in 1851)

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 16, p.533

Thomas Cannell, born on the Isle of Man, December 21, 1814, was a convert of Mormonism and married Esther Jane Carlett [sic Corlett], also of that area. As a young man, he was of a musical inclination.

Mr. Cannell was stricken with paralysis about nine months before his death, which occurred in Salt Lake City November 7, 1910. His obituary follows: Pioneer Musician called by death. Man who led Douglas Band [? Rechabite Band] at Victoria's Coronation dies in this city. Thomas Cannell, one of the oldest men in Utah, died at the home of his daughter Margaret C. Moyle, 134 Fourth Avenue, yesterday afternoon, of general debility. He would have been 96 years old December 21st. He crossed the plains in 1868 and had made his home here for the last 42 years. Numerous progeny, dating to the fifth generation, survive him, including two daughters, Margaret Moyle of this city and Esther Winn of Nephi, twenty-three grandchildren, fifty-seven great-grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren... The body may be viewed at the residence of Mrs. Moyle from 12:30 to 1:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon. -D.U.P. History Files

Margaret Cannell Moyle, born on the Isle of Man, June 26, 1845, was the daughter of Thomas and Esther Jane Carlett. She came to Utah in 1868, traveling on the railroad as far as Laramie, [p.534] Wyoming, and walked the remainder of the way into the Salt Lake Valley. She was married to James Moyle. She died June 22,1926.

Esther Jane Cannell Skillicorn Winn was born on the Isle of Man April 28, 1840, the daughter of Thomas Cannell and Esther Jane Carlett and was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of ten years. She married Henry Skillicorn in May 1863; he died July 13, 1871, leaving her with five children. She immigrated to Utah in the year 1873 on the steamship Idaho, taking six weeks to make the trip to Salt Lake City. She lived here ten years, providing for her children as a laundress at the William Jennings home. She was married to George Winn December 7, 1882, in the Salt Lake Endowment house. They made their home in Nephi, Utah, and were the parents of one daughter, Flossie Blanche. Esther Jane died January 20, 1920. -D.U.P. History Files

Emigrated on Minnesota, 1868 -

Thomas Cannell, born 1818
Margaret Cannell (dau), born 1846
Mary Ann Cannell (dau), born 1848

Note there is another Cannell family in Onchan with Mormon connections who emigrated around the same period - Thomas Cannell + Jane Cross - not clear if Thomas emigrated but the family state that Jane and her daugher Saarh Ann came to Utah (Jane died in USA in 1903 )- Thomas Cannell (son of Charles Cannell) was a labourer at Cronk-a-berry (v near Slegaby where his mo Ann was living with son James) in 1851


Mary Ann Cannell Hadley, daughter of Thomas and Jane Cross Cannell, was born at Anchon [sic Onchan ?], Isle of Man, December 4,1845. She came to Utah in 1868 and was married to George Hadley, Jr., January 30, 1871. Mary Ann became president of the Y.L.M.I.A. of the Fourth Ward, which office she held for seventeen years. She also served as a member of the Pioneer Stake Relief Society Board. Mrs. Hadley died September 17, 1926.

John Cross Cannell, born August 3, 1859, at Anchon [sic Onchan], Isle of Man, was the son of Thomas and Jane Cross Cannell. He married Elizabeth Ann Hind, May 15, 1895, in the Logan Temple. The family settled in Smithfield where they had a beautiful home with well-kept surroundings. He was known as a good neighbor, a community builder, an honest, upright citizen in every way. He died November 19, 1940, in Smithfield. -D.U.P. History Files

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