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Elizabeth Kaighen

Elizabeth Kaighin Taylor was born September 11, 1811, at Peel, Isle of Man. Her parents were Thomas Kaighin and Elizabeth Garrett. She embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and emigrated to America where under date of December 12, 1843, she became the second wife of John Taylor. While residing in Nauvoo she gave birth to a daughter, Josephine, [p.486] born March 15, 1846. She was among the company of pioneers who arrived in the valley in 1847 and settled in Salt Lake City. November 7, 1849, a son was born and was given the name Thomas Edward Taylor. Another son, Arthur Bruce, was born Oct. 9, 1853. Elizabeth was a very well-educated person and served as a teacher in many church organizations, as well as instructing her own family in the fundamentals of education. She died in Salt Lake City, Aug. 31, 1895

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