Local Preachers

Role of Local Preachers

Most services in chapels outside of the main towns would be led by a Local Preacher who would have complete responsibility for the service.

As Grindrod (chap 6 section1) states:

There are but few positive laws relating to this useful class of officers recorded in our Minutes. Much of the discipline by which they are governed, and especially that by which they are admitted into office, is determined by common usage.

Manx Methodist Local Preachers 

A.W. Moore in his introduction to a brief section on Methodist Local Preachers in his Manx Worthies (1901) has the following

We regret that we have been able to find out so little about the early Manx Wesleyan local preachers, of whom Wesley said:" I never saw in England so many stout, well-looking preachers together. If their spirit be answerable to their look, I know not what can stand before them."* " How strange! ' as the late Thomas Kelly remarks, " notwithstanding we have had Manx Methodists second to none in philanthropy and piety that so little has been written of them "[ Of Clypston, from his lecture on Illiam-y-Close]

I presume he intended no slur on the all too often patronised Primitive Methodists, amongst whose ranks of local preachers at the end of the 19th century included two MHKs and the first mayor of Douglas!

Two lists of Local Preachers up to c.1850 are currently being constructed as part of a wider study into early Manx Methodism - additional biographical details from family historians most welcome



Two general, though excellent, books are:

G Millburn and M Batty (eds) Workaday Preachers: The Story of Methodist Local Preaching Peterborough:Methodist Publishing Hose (ISBN 1-85852-058-4) 1995.

A Parker Confidence in Mutual Aid: The first 150 years of the Methodist Local Preachers Mutual Aid Association Peterborough:Methodist Publishing House (ISBN 1-85852-105-X) 1999

The two standard histories of Manx Methodism, Rosser(1848),especially chapter 6 and Curry (1904) both mention individual L.Ps.

A.W. Moore Manx Worthies 1901 has a brief section on L.P.s

Other references are Circuit Plans and L.P. meetings minute books now held in the Manx Museum Library.


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