[Taken from Manx Wesleyan Church Record 1894]

Character Sketch of Mr John Clucas Foxdale Village

John Clucas

Mr. CLUCAS is a Local Preacher of 60 years' standing — probably the oldest but one on the Island. While quite young he was converted under one of the early Methodist Local Preachers, Mr Faragher, of Coolkern [sic Cooilcam], a man of saintly character and excellent gifts. Mr. Faragher was brought to God under a sermon preached in the open air, on the slopes of South Barule mountain, by the Founder of Methodism — Rev. John Wesley — when on a visit to the Island. He belonged to one of the old families of Manx land proprietors, and lived on his own estate.

Mr. Clucas has been a staunch Wesleyan from his conversion, and a preacher of extraordinary power. Physically strong and robust, with a voice of stentorian energy, he has been a veritable "Boanerges;" possessing also no mean gifts of oratory and intellectual ability. His services have been in great demand, and wonderfully owned of God in the conversion of sinners. He used to visit all parts of the Island — east, west, north, and south, proclaiming the gospel of Christ, and warning men to flee from wrath to come. His sermons were genuinely eloquent, being forceful in appeal to the ungodly and to those at ease in Zion. Anon they were rich in pathos and spiritual teaching for the people of God. He spoke out of a full heart, and from a mind well stored with Scripture truth. The Bible has been his chief study for many years, and he knows it well. He is familiar with almost its every page — we might say its every verse. His theology he has learned mainly from Wesley's sermons, which he has read scores of times. Mr Clucas Still preaches occasionally, as his physical powers permit, he being now eighty-one years of age. Nevertheless, his voice still retains something of its old vigour, and foot and hand are still used to emphasize the truths his lips declare. As a class leader-which office he has held for many years-he is much esteemed and looked up to. His ripe Christian experience, his fervent piety and zeal, his deep and extensive know. ledge of the word of God, peculiarly fit him as a counsellor and leader of fellow-pilgrims to Zion. Most of his time is now spent. in visiting the sick and dying, and in studying God's word. Never is his place vacant in the house of God when he is able to be present; and in the prayer meeting he is generally the first to engage. He has had a large family, the majority of whom have preceded him to the better land. One son is a minister of the Church of his choice. Several of his children are on the other side of the globe, occupying good positions; and others have settled down at home, and are at hand to cheer their aged parent in the evening of a long and chequered life. Mrs. Clucas, like her husband, is a thorough Wesleyan and a true helpmeet; a mother in Israel, and a friend of the sick and sorrowing. They celebrated their golden wedding years ago. Like Zecharias and Elizabeth, they have for more than half a century walked together in the commandments of the Lord, and their children call them blessed.




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