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These are my additional notes, further references, clarifications, or sometimes corrections, to W.Curry's account of Primitive Methodism on the Isle of Man.


Rev William Curry


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Curry's history is naturally rather simplified. The Atholl's had inherited the Island in 1736 by marriage and failure of the male line of the Stanleys (Earl's of Derby) who had been granted the Island in 1405/6. The 3rd Duke of Atholl had been induced to sell the regalities of the Island to the British Crown in 1765 (the Act of Revestment) but had continued to hold seignorial rights which included the nomination of the Bishop of Sodor and Man.

It was the 4th Duke of Atholl to whom Curry mostly refers, he had campained vigorously for a review of the terms by which his father had been induced to part with the regalities

Their nominations to the Bishopic had not been very impressive, especially when compared with the mighty pair of Wilson and Hildesley. Bishop Murray had previously been given the Archdeaconship and was appointed Bishop as soon as he reached canonical age. He was regarded by the Manx as probably their worse Bishop though on his translation to Rochester he later earned a good reputation in that diocese.

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