Strang Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1839


Title deeds refer to Mrs Charlotte Crellin, widow, selling plot of land 373 sq yards 'at end of her garden'.

closed; sold 1936.

Converted into private dwelling


Grid Reference SC360782


The trustees named in the deed were:
James John Kelly, Clothier, Strang
John Cowin Farmer (signed with 'x'), Strang
Robert Gick, Shoemaker, Strang
James Kaye, Teacher, Strang
John Kaye, Chandler, Douglas
Edward Corkhill, Baker, Douglas
John Cain, Bookbinder.

JJ Kelly is I think John Kelly, LP, of Union Mills; James Kaye is also a LP as is Edward Corkill. John Cain is the onetime WM LP expelled in 1835


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