Sandygate Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1822 & 1862


The 1851 religious census includes a chapel, built 1822, seating 150 also used for day school, average attendance was 80 (+ 40 S/S scholars) at afternoon service and 100 at the evening service
This presumeably was the chapel built on the land sold by Thomas Kelly, Snr, of Doolagh to the five trustees in June 1822 - the trustees were: John Corlett Thomas Kelly Jun, Thomas Collister, Thomas Kneen and Thomas Christory. The sale deed required that " a School and [preaching] House for the use and benfit of Several Farmers and Tennants and adjoining Neighbours who have Subscribed to the Building of the aforesd School" be built.
The Kelly's were early emigrants to Ohio - they left in 1827 and Thomas Kelly left a Journal of the voyage.

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In 1851 the Sunday School, commenced 1822, had 80 scholars and 33 teachers, Robert Kneale secretary.

In the 1862 list of Wesleyan Deeds the chapel is shown as still under construction. The Manx Museum holds the account book of the construction of the new chapel 1862/3.

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