Port-e-Vullen (Lewaigue) Methodist Chapel 1830s


Listed among Wesleyan Chapels in 1837
In 1851 census claimed to seat 135 and attendance of 50; return made by Thomas Christian, chapel steward.
Little is known about it except that Ewan Christian was a 'great leader'. Services, especially Sunday School Aniversaries, were said to be well attended, for example programme for S/S anniversary 13 Sept 1891 (held in Ballure Meadow) mentions 2.30pm and 6pm services (preached by Mr J.F.Kermode of Castletown) - total collections were £3-15-0.
Continued until 1910 though name still appeared on Circuit Plans into 1920s

Grid Reference SC472928


(The spelling of the name appears to have to changed over the years)
Attendences however must have varied for on 11 June 1886 Quarterly Meeting had "that Port-a-Vullen be given up but the Sunday School be continued and marked on the plans". On the 17 Dec 1888 "Port-a-Vullen be re-opened" Sept 1900 "that mission services be conducted at Port-a-Vullen Sunday by Sunday under the direction of the Superintendent; it would appear that he didn't want to do this so the Wesley Guild was asked instead.
By Dec 1903 a committee was appointed with power to discontinue services at Port-e-Vullen - they decided to let it continue. By Dec 1906 "outlook at Port-e-Vullen brighter than it has been for some time".

Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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