Onchan Methodist Chapels

Onchan (Summerhill) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1870

Onchan (Summerhill)

Closed 1956, used as funeral parlour;
Curry gives a brief account of the acquisition of the land and building of the chapel. The design was by T. Keig

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Onchan (Main Road) I Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1868

Onchan (Main Road) I

Trustees bought the land for £3.13.6d on condition that a preaching service be held each Sunday. In 1868 a new chapel, in a semi-gothic style, and schoolroom erected on the same site; dedicated 1870. Architect was Mr Jas Cowle and builder D. Cowin
In 1987 this building was replaced by a new church, attached to the hall across the road from the old site. closed 1987; future uncertain

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Onchan (Main Road) II Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1987

Onchan (Main Road) II

rebuilt on opp side of road

Grid Reference SC399783


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