Lhen Moar Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1819

Lhen Moar

meetings held 1780+

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Deed dated 25 dec 1819 William Cleator of Ballane Lhaune + wife Mary (als Radcliffe) sells a small plot of his estate for school house and to be occasionally used as place of worship according to rules of Church of England to
Charles Moore Ballacamaish
William Sayle Lerivaane
William Cleator jnr
By 23 may 1825 debt of £18 17 6d new trustees
John Kneale, William Teare, John Callister, and John Kaighin

This was the scence of a rather 'unholy row' as reported in Mona's Herald in Jan 1841 under the title "Another row in a methodist chapel" (one wonders how many more there were!):

A very unseemly occurence took place in the Methodist Chapel at the Lhenmoar, Kirk Andreas, on Sunday week. It appears that an individual, who rents a seat therein, on approaching his pew a few minutes before the commencement of the afternoon service on that day, observed several females seated in apew near his own; when, it is supposed, mistaking the seat they occupied for his, he rushed forward, and struck at several of the females with a stick, assisted by his son, a hopeful aspirant for holy orders in mother church, and unceremoniously seized some of them by the throat. The screams of "murder" from the terrefied females quickly brought the people standing round the doors to ascertain what was the cause of the uproar, and endeavor, if possible, to separate the combatants. The leading actor in the tragedy, we had almost forgotten to say, was assisted by his man-servant, as well as his hopeful son; and the said "man Friday" ordered the people to stand aloof, and take care of themselves, for he was in possession of a knife! When the preacher apppointed for the day made his appearance, and saw what had happened, he at once turned on his heel, and left them to settle matters as best they could; consequently there was no service. The combatants were ultimately separated; but no apology has yet been made for this disgraceful outrage.

Setting of Pews Lhen Mooar Nov 20 1888

[taken from MM MD 10136 ]

No 1
Margarett Lace
5 3
" 2
John Gawne
5 7
" 3
John Quayle & others
3 "
" 4
William Sayle
8 "
" 5
Thos Callow & others
5 "
" 6
Jane Radcliffe
2 "
" 8
Mrs C. Lace
5 3
" 9
Daniel Cormode
" 10
John Killip & others
4 8
" 11
Daniel Callow
4 6
" 15
Wm Cleator
5 3
" 17
Wm Gale
" 18
Jas N. Cain & others
4 "
" 19
John Killip & others
8 "
" 20
Mrs Jno Kinrade
8 "
" 21
Jas Gale & others
6 9
" 22
Wm Corlett
10 6

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