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Laxey (Shore Road) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1825

Laxey (Shore Road)

Curry states that Cumberland miners who came across in 1819 formed the nucleus for the Prims in Laxey
Land given by Mr and Mrs Lowney of Ballamoar Farm. Closed when Minorca Chapel opened 1870. Building now used by childrens playgroup

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Laxey (Glen Road) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1850

Laxey (Glen Road)

It would appear that services were initially held in the the lead store on Laxey beach at the start of the 19th Century until the chapel was built.
Rebuilt and enlarged 1850 when the numbers in the Sunday School were 65 boys, 47 girls and 30 teachers.
Closed 1966

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From the Mona's Herald

6th November, 1850
'OPENING OF LAXEY METHODIST CHAPEL This chapel having being rebuilt and enlarged was opened on Sunday when special sermons were preached in the morning, afternoon and evening. I.iberal collections were made towards defraying the expenses of rebuilding'
A Sunday School was opened in 1869, built just across the road from the chapel, this School continued until 1996 when the hall was sold. The Hall was paid for out of Sunday School funds; the trustees were: John Hampton, Thomas Faragher (Grawe), Robert Kelly (Glen), Thomas Mylroi (Baldrine), Joseph Quayle (Ballamilghyn), John Knowles (Rencell), John Cain (Glen), John R. Kelly (Glen) and James Clague.


Laxey (Minorca) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1870

Laxey (Minorca)

Built at Gretch Veg on land given by Mr and Mrs Kewley. Rebuilt 1870
Sunday School ('a most beautiful building') was erected in 1898 on the opposite side of the road down from the chapel.
Closed 1966 when Laxey (W) and Minorca chapels combined using Minorca's Sunday School building; became Salvation Army Hall before becoming a brush factory and later a builder's workshop.

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29th January, 1851
'Laxey Primitive Methodist Society is taking steps towards building a new chapel on site of the old one, but to be much larger, with gallery all round and schoolroom underneath.'
A Sunday School library, the first in Lonan, was started in 1875 and continued up to 1929; its first secretary was Mr William Kelly. The funding for this library came from profits from the hall, especially from a special concert on Good Friday.
In 1892 Minorca, together with Badrine and Baldhoon, became a station of the Liverpool P.M. District. The station had 136 members, 10 class leaders and its own resident Minister; this station continued until just after the amalgamation when it became part of the Douglas Victoria circuit.
Perhaps its biggest day was in 1911 when the Liverpool and District Synod was held at Minorca when hundreds of people travelled from England with most delegates being put up in the houses of the local members. On Sunday 30th April, seven separate services were held in the Chapel. As a result of the Synod there was an upsurge in Chapel attendance; the resident Minister, Rev Carr, estimated that 40% of Lonan worshipped in Primitive Methodist Chapels.
Following the closure of the lead mines there was much emigration and the stipend of this resident minister was a heavy burden.

Laxey - Methodist Chapel 1970


old PM Hall/Sunday School converted to serve as church.
From architect's drawing appears to have been designed by T. Rees architect
Laxey Sunday School

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