Kerrowgarrow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1819 & 1859


Closed 1993; Schoolroom built 1819 (enlarged c1824) and was also used for services until chapel built in 1859. In 1851 religious census gives seating of 238 with an average attendance of 90 at afternoon and 110 at the evening service
In 1902 Chapel Returns it is noted, as part of the Ramsey circuit, under 'other preaching places' (as opposed to Connexionally settled chapels) and seated 200. The 1862 register also indicated that it was not 'Methodistically settled'.

Grid Reference SC402975


In 1851 the Sunday School, which commenced in 1819, had 64 scholars and 28 teachers.

F.Cowin Kerrowgarrow Chapel MMHS #19 pp6/7 Autumn 1990

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