Fishers Hill (Balladoole / PoolVash) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel


From the Wesleyan Record (1906) we learn :'A family named Fisher, now come from Cumberland (already Methodists) lived at Balladoole Farm, and. Wesley preached there in what is currently called Fisher's Hill. In the company which met there, there was-the great grandmother. of the Wm Kneen of Cross-e-Caley, a name and Home still highly respected in Manx Methodism
On the 1862 register of deeds there was a chapel called PoolVash 'private property' without building date. Closed. Demolished c.1965 when bungalow and swimming pool constructed on site.

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Dr Clague in his Manx Reminiscences states that William Duke taught a choir at a Methodist Chapel (left blank in published text) but Maddrell identifies it as Balladoole and a MS book of hymn tunes is in Manx Museum [MM MS437A].

This chapel or schoolroom was the property of the Stevensons - in a letter [MM MD716/76] dated 1880 Mrs Baring Stevenson states that she has been aware of occasional services held in 'Balladoole School House' and whilst she did not wish to prevent such services no permission had been sought, though it would have been given. However when it came to her attention that the school house now appeared on the plans as Strandhall Chapel she wanted her proprietorial rights to be recognised.

In the Castletown Quarterly Account Book a Class, meeting at Poolvash, first appears in 1856 with some 9 members which grew to 13 within a year or so. As the appearance of the name also corresponds with a change of minister it may well be that the Society had existed earlier but had been noted under the name of a Class Leader.


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