East Foxdale (Eairy/Renshant) Primitive Methodist Chapel I, 1833

Apparently always known as Eairy Chapel though reported as East Foxdale/Renshant in official returns.

In List of PM Title Deeds [MM MD717/18] a small plot of land 36 feet by 18 feet was sold by William Beckwith (on behalf of Foxdale Mining Company) for 5/-

William Hastie,
Edward Quirk [cartwright, Douglas, and President of Circuit]
Joseph Senogles, [Blacksmith, in 1830 on Circuit Committee and later shown as member of Renshant]
George Johnson,
Robert Kermode,
James Anderwartha


East Foxdale (Eairy) Primitive Methodist Chapel II, 1865

East Foxdale

In 1864 a larger plot of 33 yds x 12 yds, part of "Miner's Intack" was sold by Mining Company.

Sold for £50 in 1965

Now attached to Eairy House and used to store canoes (presumeably the entrance which destroys its looks was widened to allow for trailers)

Grid Reference SC297779

Edward Bawden, Airey, miner
John Bawden, Airey,
John Kermode, Close Rh...?
William Kermode, Ballacallow,
Stephen Kermode, Ballachrink, miner,
Leece Williams, Airey, engineer,
William Shimmin, Airey, miner
Henry Lace, Ballachrink, miner,
Thomas Kelly, Union Mills, dyer,
Robert Gick, farmer,
James Kay, Stang, surveyor [previously school teacher],
John Goldsmith, secretary to Douglas Gas Company

1907 trustees
James Matthias Shimmin, East Foxdale,blacksmith
Thomas Arthur Kelly Ballachrink Marown farmer
William Lace, East Foxdale, miner
Ernest Shimmin, Tosaby malew farmer
Thomas Corkill curragh, East Foxdale, miner
Joseph Jenkinson, East Foxdale,miner
William Henry Kermode, East Foxdale, miner
John Kermode, East Foxdale, miner
Frank Creer, Ballamona, East Foxdale, farmer

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