East Baldwin Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I c.1830

Now storehouse for scouts

Grid Reference SC371830



East Baldwin Wesleyan Methodist Chapel II 1850

East Baldwin II

Closed - sold 1964 for £100 - now used as an agricultural store

First deed 1834: Thomas Quiggin to John Quine, William Cowley, John Cowin, John Cain and Robert Quiggin
part of the field called Margher-e-kurie being part of Ballachrick Baldwin 10 yards in length 6 in breadth for the ground floor of a new school house + ladder room for repair 12 jun 1834, recorded 25 Oct 1834
2nd deed 17 may 1869, recorded 20 jan 1870
john quine + wife to william kelly, william cain (little london kk michael)
daniel cowin (ballaharry marown), daniel cain crosby marown, john kelly baldwin john cain, benjamin quine

Grid Reference SC371830


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