Dhoor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1814, 1839

Dhoor ((c)T Wilson)

Closed 1979 and converted into private dwelling.

According to 1862 list of Chapel Deeds it was built in 1839 (rebuilding ?) at a cost of £100 and could seat 90.

Sale by John Goldsmith dated 21 July 1814 of a certain Parcel of ground Purchased from John Kneale (21 Jul 1814) near the Stream called the Dhoar to Build and Make a Decent House for a School House or other such purposes
William Cowl of Grest
William Corlett of Ballacottier
James Gill of Ballacowle
John Kneale of Aust Lezayr
Daniel Christian Ballayoggy Andreas

Grid Reference SC440964

By 1827 Looks As If Problems As Deed
And Whereas William Corlet Dead, William Cowle Declined Acting, The sum of Money borrowed remains unpaid with sd Building in Danger of Being Suffered to fall to decay
New Trustees John Kneale Regaby (New Tenant) John Halsal Ballacottier
Thomas Kneale Ballacawl
Ewan Garrett Ballalergey
James Callow Ramsey
By 13 May 1848
John Halsal & Thomas Kneale Dead, John Kneale Afflicted Mentally, Ewan Garrett gone to America
New Trustees
Danl Clarke Curragh Beg
John Crowe of Ballacottier
Thos F Kneale Aust
Danl S Christian Adronan

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