Crosby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1833


Opened 6th Oct 1833. There has been a strong tradition in Crosby that the chapel was originally Anglican, a chapel of ease for Marown Parish, indeed the Manx Sun (11 Nov 1833) says this but the deeds are quite clear. The prime mover was the Rev Aitken who was still at that time an Anglican Minister. The land was given (for 5/-) by his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Eyres and Rev Aitken would appear to have been responsible for the design of the building

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Fellow trustees with Rev Aitken were David Moffatt (who carried on the school at Eyreton Castle after Aitken left the island), Wm Quayle of Ballacotch; Robt Fayle (?Bashaw) Rbt. Cretny, Matthias Bridson, M Williams McClure of Carvona, and John Wilson (draper) with John Kelly of Union Mills apparently the secretary to the Trust.

For a description of chapel and chapel personalities see Robert Sim's account of Crosby 1860-1916.

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