Colby Methodist Chapels

Colby became an early centre of Methodism, especially Primitive Methodism as John Butcher made it his base.
The two chapels stand opposing each other on opposite sides of the main road. Apparently there was great rivalry to see who could open their chapel first - which the Primitives won by the expedient of providing no seating accomodation!

Centenary BookletC.C. McFee Colby Methodism and its Buildings Port Erin:Southside developments 1972
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Colby (Main Road) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1833

Colby (Main Road)

closed 1950; now private dwelling;
The Kermode family donated land for the Primitive chapel.

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Colby (Station Road) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1833

Colby (Station Road)

When built the entrance to the gallery was by means of an external staircase.
Captain Watterson donated land for the chapel.

Grid Reference SC232701

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