Ballavale (Glen Rushen) Methodist Chapel

In 1902 Chapel returns Glen Rushen, then part of Peel Circuit, was shown as under 'other preaching places', presumably because the chapel was owned by the Beckwith mines. It was shown as seating 70. It had closed by 1930. Now ruined.

Grid Reference SC252779


The history of the Beckwith mines is covered in The Industrial Archaeology of the Isle of Man in which it is stated that the Isle of Man Mining Co. started operations in Glen Rushen in 1831, mostly ceased operation by 1870 and sold the sett in 1879. It was reckoned that over £500,000 worth of ore (lead) had been extracted between 1835 and 1862.

T.A.Bawden et al The Industrial Archaeology of the Isle of Man David & Charles 1972

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