Braid Primitive Methodist Chapels 1856 + 1870

Trust deeds indicate that the first chapel dated from 1856 and was sold, presumeably on completion of the new chapel on 26 March 1871. A new chapel dates from 1870 - again I presume on a different site.

Braaid I - 1856

Trust deed dated 3 Dec 1856 in which it states:
William Cretney and wife Mary Cretney sold for 5/- 88 sq yards of land.

The trustees were:
Abraham Sayer, Livery Stable owner Douglas
William Corlett, dyer Douglas
Samuel Wesley Clough, ironmonger Douglas
Charles Moore, joiner Santan
Edward Callow, shoemaker Braddan
John Gelling, farmer Braddan
John Keig, farmer Santan

It would appear that no local members were trustees.

By 1870 only Charles Moore and John Keig were left of the original trustees

Braaid II - 1870

A trust deed of 12 July 1870 sets up a new board of trustees:

Paul Fargher, shoemaker Marown
Robt Cretney, blacksmith Marown
Thomas Fargher, farmer Marown
William Kermode, farmer Marown
John Kermode, farmer Marown
John Cowley, farmer Marown
Charles Quilliam, farmer Marown
Thomas Quirk, farmer Marown
John Bawden, captain of Foxdale Mines Patrick
Reece Williams, engine driver Foxdale Mines Patrick
William Callow, mason Marown
Stephen Kermode, miner Marown
John Lewin, labourer Marown
Robert Kelly, miner Marown.

Note that by 1870 all trustees had some local connection.

The trust deed states that it is bordered on the South by the Douglas-Foxdale road.


Closed. sold 1980

Now demolished

Grid Reference SC320763

1920s Postcard view (c) M.Kelly collection - used by permission


PM copy of Trust Deeds - Manx Museum MD717/17

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