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At present somewhat confused as there are documents for both Clogher (PM) and Ballamoda (WM) that would indicate both were active upto at least 1907 and contradict Curry's statement (unless by 'let' he meant that chapel activity ceased) - both appear to have been founded around the same time and also extended about the same time. It would appear that neighbouring farmers had different religious affiliations.

Clogher (Ballamoda) Primitive Methodist Chapel I, 1834

chapel first in barn, then after prospering for some years, declined was then let to the Wesleyans (quoting Curry's P.M. in I.O.M of 1920.). Still shown as PM Chapel on 1868 OS plan.

Not clear if first chapel 1824 (as given by PM sources) or 1834 as reported in 1851 religious census though the latter is more likely with 1824 the date of acquisition of barn..


The old chapel and school house are still extant though somewhat altered - now private dwellings known as 'Holicity' and 'Masjid'

Grid Reference SC277738


Title deeds for Clogher dated 27 Sept 1823

Ground sold for £1 plus 6d/year forever by John Quayle Snr to following Trustees

John Quayle, farmer, (son of John Quayle snr)
Thomas Kelly, farmer, (signed with 'X')
Thomas Keiggen Snr farmer X
Samuel Keiggen jnr, labourer,X(in list given as James ?)
John Cain, farmer, Renshant
Willian Kneen, weaver, Rushen
John Bridson, weaver, Rushen
Charles Cubbon

witnesses: Archey Cubbon & John Quayle

Premises adjoining the rent of John Quayle to the north and east, highway in west (Castletown to Peel) opposite to 4 mile stone

1894 an adjacent piece of ground (parcel of land 37 feet length 23 feet width bounded on south by PM chapel, on east + north by lands of vendor, west highroad to C'town) sold for building a chapel (the old chapel subsequently used as a school room)
Sold by Margaret Quayle spinster of Ballamoda (dau of J Quayle ?) to Caesar Taggart of Close Clarke joiner, Thomas Taggart of the Raggie miner, Thomas Watterson of Monney Moar, labourer, John Kelly of the Lhergy, miner, John Kelly of Baroole, miner, William Keggin of Baroole miner, Robert Bridson of Balla Killey farmer, John Quayle of close Clarke farmer, John Wade of Baroole joiner X, John Collister of Ballasalla joiner, Henry Cubbon of Ballasalla butcher, Robert Shimmin of Ballasalla gardener all of Malew + Charles Skelly of Colby, labourer arbory; Bejamin Pulkinhorn of Kentraugh; Thomas Leece Ballakissack farmer Santon X + Rev Ebenezer Tripp

Still had trustees 1907 as registry cert issued Jan 1907 to appoint Caesar Taggart, Clogher farmer, Thomas Watterson silverburn hill labourer, John Kelly gib lane clougher builder, Thomas Taggart clougher insurance agent, William Kelly gib lane, clougher farmer + Henry Cubbon, arbory st c'town butcher

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I 1834

WM chapel school and premises situate at Ballamoda in north-west corner of Booyladd bounded on north by Bare Ashen road - deed 15 dec 1834 - the deed of 1834 being sale in trust from John Mylechreest + wife to John Bridson of ballavervane, William Bridson of silverburn, William Taggert of gibdale, John Quayle of kerrew mooar, John Quayle jnr of ballamodda beg all of p. of Malew and Paul Taggart of ballacannell Arbory of a certain parcel of land at the north west end or corner of a field commonly called Booyladd bounded east + south by rent of said J Mylechreest, to west by rent of J Quayle 34 ft length 25 feet in width + yard at west end 6 yds long on which there is now built and erected a methodist chapel or preaching house

A deed dated 1894 (however reg doc has deed dated 13 mar 1886 with registration 1894 covers sale from Humphrey Mylechreest of adjacent plot to add to or extend existing trustees Humphrey Mylechreest of Ballamoda, William Collister of Ballagare, William Quayle of Gate, Robert Keggen of Close Lark (signed x) all of Malew, John Duggan of Ballacubbon Arbory, William Creer of Castletown

Ballamoda Wesleyan Methodist Chapel II, 1884


The old chapel (seen to left) 'extended' 1884;closed now private dwelling

Grid Reference SC277738


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