Ballajora Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1815


In 1815 John Corkill sold, for 5/- (25p) to Thos. Logan (who then sold it onto the trustees for the same sum) , a plot of land at the crossroads leading to the Quaker burial ground.
The Trustees were Thomas Faragher Ballafyle,
William Callow, weaver,
William Sayle, (Balneskeag Veg)
John Corkill and William Corkill (sons of the vendor John Corkill), (Balnejorey)
John Looney (Balterson) [also trustee of Ramsey Chapel] and
William Kerruish. (Bwollevelt)
The Chapel closed in 1954; little appears to be known about it.

Grid Reference SC479904


In 1815 Robert Kerruish (Cardle Vooar) sold, on similar terms, the land on which was built the Sunday School. The trustees were:
Humphrey Stephen (Maghercew)
Robert Kerruish (Cardlewoar)
Robert Kerruish jnr, shoemaker,
William Kerruish (Ballllin)
Philip and John Skillicorn(the Dhoon),
William Callow (Cardleveg)

W & C. Radcliffe A History of Kirk Maughold 1979 pp152/3
Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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