Ballacowin Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1857


Little is known about the chapel other that there were cottage services in the area before the chapel, which claimed to accommodate 90, was built.
Closed June 1966 + sold 1967 for £157, now used as an agricultural store for the nearby farm of Ballacowin.

rebuilt 1870; had 6 pews, 2 pairs facing near pulpit + 1 singing pew along wall
Original trustees John Cowin ballaquine, John (?thomas in another recital) Cowin shoemaker ballaquane, William Clucas of bundle, Thomas Stowell close mooar, William Marshall miner ballacowin
Land sold 24 july 1856 by Margaret + James Cowin

By 1879 william clucas in australia; james cowin dead and had problems as too few trustees available, court petition by john cowin, thomas cowin, thomas stowell, william marshall + rev butchert to rectify by appointing new trustees

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Thomas Cowin, d. 1848 (and son ? James Cowin) were LP's of long standing - the chapel is built on the edge of their farm.

In 1906 the Sunday School had 21 scholars and teachers. S/S anniversaries were held each year on the last Sunday in June.
1914: Young Peoples Guild undertook to clean up Ballacowin.
Trustees meeting held on 4 Feb 1928 stated that 1927 income had been £21.2s.7d and expenditure £15.18s.0d of which £12 had been spent on renovating the woodwork in the chapel. Cash must have been tight however for an account of £5.18s.0d for hymn books and communion service which would be paid when funds were available.

There was no change in trustees between 1909 and 1930. Newly elected trustees in 1930 were

John J. Kerruish, New Road Laxey, (Draper)
Henry H. Corlett, Ballabeg Baldrine (Farmer)
John R. Corlett, Thornton Lonan (Clerk)
Thomas C. Kinnish, Baljean Lonan (Farmer)
Miss Olive Shimmin, Bruindel (Housekeeper)
Miss Edith Richards, Baldhoon (Housekeeper)

John Holmes, Strand Street Douglas (Optician)
Stanley Cubbin, 14 Windsor Road Douglas (Civil Servant)
Wm F. Cringle, Derby Road Douglas (Civil Servant)
Wm Kennish, Adelaide Terrace Douglas (Solicitor's Clerk)
Wm E. Kermode, Hill Street Douglas (Tailor)

The next changes took place in 1949: elected were F.E.Corlett, F.Lowey, J.K.Corlett, J.A.Seed, S.C.Kinnish, G.S.Callister, JF.Killip, J.J.Cleator and Mrs A.Burns.
Mrs Burns was organist at the chapel for many years (a new organ had been purchased for £12 in 1932.

Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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