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Baldrine Primitive Methodist Chapel I 1843


Mona's Herald17th January, 1844 'A neat and comfortable chapel belonging to the Primitive Methodist Connexion has recently been erected in the parish of Lonan, called Baldrine Chapel.'
Built on land sold, for 2/- (10p), by Thomas Kelly of Barroose in 1843.
" in consideration of the sum of TWO SHILLINGS a plot or parcel of land, being part of Baldrine situate in the Parish of Lonan and being bounded on the south-east of the Queen's Highroad leading from Douglas to Ramsey and on the south-west, north and east by the property of the said Thomas Kelly, containing 150 square yards or thereabouts, the length of which being 15 yards and the breadth l0 yards. "

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It would appear that Mrs Kelly was the driving force for "in 1843 a Chapel was erected in Baldrine and this occasioned great joy to Mrs. Anne Kelly and called forth her liberality. By request she laid the first stone and kneeling upon it, in the midst of a large number of spectators, she fervently prayed that the great Head of the Church would bless the undertaking." Methodist Magazine]
One of the trustees was Robert Casement (builder of famous Laxey Wheel). The cost was £100 which required a mortgage of £55.
Trustees were

Thomas Lewin (Blacksmith)
John Kinley (Miner)
Robert Casement (Millwright)
Thomas Shipley (Miner)
Thomas Hogg (Miner)
Joseph Killip (Miner)

Thomas Moore (Farmer)
John Oates (Miller)
Philip Clague (Washer)
Thomas Kelly (Farmer)
Matthias Cowley (Farmer)
William Clague (Farmer)

current hall Used as Sunday School following opening of new Chapel, renovated in 1985 and serves a major social function as the only hall in Lonan Parish. The cost of the renovation was over £17,000 all of which was raised so the hall has no debt. It was opened in 1989 by Lady New, the wife of the Governor.

Baldrine Primitive Methodist Chapel II 1885


First chapel, built 1843, soon became too small. New chapel could not be built until outstanding mortgage of £55 paid off - special bazaar in 1884 raised £180 which allowed work to start on new chapel which was about 100 yeards south of the old chapel and on the opposite side of the road..

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Trustees were:

Thomas Henry Moore (Farmer) Lheakerrow
Henry Corlett (Farmer) Cooil Roi
William Corlett (Farmer) Cooil Roi
Thomas Mylechreest (Farmer) Gideon
James Walter Moore (Farmer) Ballakilley
Thomas Clague (Farmer) Ballavarane

John Killip (Farmer) Ballacallister
William Cojeen (Storekeeper)
Robert Corkill (Yeoman) Begoade, Parish Of Onchan
William Mylrea (Labourer) Lonan
Theophilus Hogg (Storekeeper) Douglas
Thomas Keig (Photographer) Douglas

Mona's Herald Wednesday, 6th May, 1885:

"For some considerable time past the Primitive Methodists worshipping in the old barn-like structure at Baldrine have felt great inconvenience in consequence of the defective accommodation therein. Not only were the internal arrangements of the building unsuitable to present requirements but the fabric itself was in a dilapidated condition and it became more and more evident that steps would have to be taken to erect a new place of worship. Accordingly a movement was made in that direction, the result being that the memorial stones were laid in the early part of August, 1884 and the work of superintending the erection was placed in the hands of Mr. John Cowley of Onchan who has done the work conscientiously and well.

The new Chapel was formally opened on Thursday afternoon (April 30th) The building measures 40 feet 6 inches by 26 feet 6 inches on the outside. The inside is lighted by seven small and one large pointed arched windows and partially filled with stained glass. All the timber in the roof, excepting the rafters, is open and the whole is beautifully stained and varnished. The woodwork of the body of the building is of pitch pine. Accommodation is provided for about 150 people. The rostrum is constructed of pitch pine and mahogany, picked out in blue. The communion rail and choir seats are tastefully finished. Generally speaking the Chapel is a handsome structure and is a very creditable addition to the Chapels owned by the denomination. The new Chapel is connected with the Primitive Methodists (Loch Parade 2nd Circuit). The following gentlemen formed the building committee:-
Thomas Clague (Ballavarane) John Killip (Ballacallister), Thomas Moore (Ballakilley), Henry Corlett (Cooil Roi), Walter Moore (Ballakilley) William Corlett (Cooil Roi), Robert Corkill (Ballagarraghan), William Cregeen (Laxey), Thomas Mylechreest (Ballamenagh), William Mylrea (Laxey).

A public tea meeting was held in the Old Chapel on the 30th April. The following ladies presiding at the tables:- Mrs. Mylechreest (Ballamenagh), Miss Corlett (Cooil Roi), Miss Moore, Ballakilley, Mrs. Kelly (Baldrine).
A public meeting was held after the tea. Captain Rowe M.H.K., presided and addresses were given by the Revs. J. Warner W. Spedding and D. Inglis. A selection of music was rendered by the Minorca Chapel Choir. Mr. W. Moore conducted and Miss Moore presided at the harmonium."

The chapel, to a design by Mr D. Cregeen of Douglas was completed 1885 at cost of £383 though mortgage of £90 not paid off until 1921. In 1891 the yearly collection was £7.15s 11d, other income was £7 7s.6d, expenses were £4 10s on mortgage, lighting and heating £2.0.8d with 6/- insurance. The Sunday School income was always more than that of the chapel
According to 1940 returns chapel will seat 118.
Major renovations occurred in 1967 - the ceiling was panelled, old choir stalls removed and electric heating installed. Obtained pulpit from closed Ballaragh Chapel together with pews which were converted into a Communion Table and rails to a design by Mr Frank Cowin.

There would appear to have always been more than a streak of independence at Baldrine:
1893 We pay the Connexional Fund the amount charged under protest
1897 that while we reaffirm our willingness to co-operate with other circuits for a united preachers' plan for the Island, we regret to learn that advertisements are to be placed upon it, and until this feature is dropped, we will continue our own separate plan as heretofore
No strangers to speak in our Chapel except Primitive Methodists

Centenary BookletJ.Gair Baldrine Methodist Church Centenary 1984
J.Gair Methodism in the Sheading of Garff MMHS #12 pp2/3 Autumn 1990
Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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