Baldhoon Primitive Methodist Chapel 1871

Baldhoon c.1900

The first recorded meeting was held at Ballamilghyn Farm home of Mr. T.Quayle in 1826. Two brothers James and Thomas Kinnish appeared to be the main figures. Cottage meetings and a 'Plan Beg' class took place at James Kinnish's cottage. From 1842 meetings continued at Baldhoon Farm, home of Mr and Mrs Thomas Kinnish until the chapel was built in 1871 (opened 13 Oct 1871). "the houses of the two brothers were like village halls [P.M.World March 1907]
Land at Ballacosney was given by Mr and Mrs Mylroi. Sunday school services took place in the afternoon with services only held in the evening.
Last service held 1936, closed 1940s and was sold 1952 - it was always 'the poor relation' of the Laxey station and never recovered from the emigration following the collapse of the mining industry.
Demolished sometime 1990s and site now contains a bungalow.

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The small chapel was erected free of debt. Two good society classes were formed and a regular congregation of 80-100 assembled on Sundays.
The Sunday School had 80 children - Rev Edward Quine started as one of the teachers becoming superintendent and then local preacher before qualifying as minister (in 1872) and played a considerable role in establishing the Chapel.

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Rev W. Carr provides a brief history of the three Laxey P.M. Chapels in the 1911 synod guide [MM E240/32x/10]
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Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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