Cloven Stones, Balligg, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1827

In 1861 statistical return indicated as Private Property
The 1827 date is that entered in the 1851 religious census when it was stated there were 80 seats and an attendance of 15 at the evening service.
Robert Craine, Steward. Closed

Grid Reference SC428812 (?)


It is possible that this chapel had changed allegiance as in the following small vignette from Manx Sun 7 Dec 1844 it is described as 'Primitive Methodist':

On Wednesday night, a little girl, aged 11 years, daughter of John Cowin, weaver, in the parish of Lonan, was observed to he missing, after her parents had returned from a prayer-meeting in the Primitive Methodist, Chapel at the Cloven Stones. Much time was spent in searching for her, and no little alarm occasioned by her absence. , After some time, it was recollected that she had been seen in the chapel : search was made there ; it was found that she had been locked up in the chapel. She had fallen asleep in one of the seats, and had thus been left ; but on awakening. was nowise afraid, and began to read a Bible at one of the windows by moonlight, and was so engaged when rescued.

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