Maughold Light

MaugholdThe last Manx light station to be built. Commenced 1911 and finished in April 1914; it consists of a 77ft tower sited halfway down the slope of the headland under the usual mist belt. The keepers' houses are on the cliff above the door of the tower. It would appear that fog was the greatest hazard, especially to smaller craft and, although the Bahama Bank Lightship (about 8 miles off Ramsey) could give warning of fog, there was much agitation for a coastal light.

Its construction was delayed by the Northern Commissioners not realising that their powers of compulsory purchase did not apply to the Island and thus they had to arbitrate for the strip of land that now serves as the road access.

Jackson describes it as 'a fine example of twentieth century construction' in a beautiful situation.
When lit it allowed the Bahama Bank lightship to be replaced by a gas buoy.



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