Chicken Rock Light

Chicken Rock Lighthouse Mist and fog is very common around the Island! which meant that the upper of the two lights on the Calf was often shrouded thus negating its function - the Northern commissioners decided to mark the rock with a first class light.

Built 1869-1874 to a design by David and Thomas Stevenson. Very similar to Dubh Artach which was constructed at the same time. The design is of a 125ft (38m) granite tower. The granite was shipped from Scotland and cut in a mason's yard in Port St Mary (about 4 miles from the Calf) where a tramway was built to convey the numbered blocks to the boat. It was built during 4 summer seasons using the winter to cut the stone.

A serious fire occured in 1960, (see Lockington Marshall for details of the fire and Nicholson for the rescue and subsequent repair).



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