Robert Walker, 1746

Map: Robert Walker 1746 IoM
Map: Robert Walker 1746

The Isle of Man (inset within Cumberland)
Size: 72mm x 70mm (line) 1:700,000

Based on Moll 1724 (including fenced mound of Tynwald)

Walker was a prolific publisher of part works, notorious for literary piracy.
three vols containing 41 maps. Most show arms of counties and frequently those of chief towns and principal county families
Maps precede histories - plain at back, bears no pagination or reference
The Isle of Man - inset in "Cumberland"
7: pentagonal inset top lh corner in map of Cumberland
Ee: ornate cartouche `The Arms of Cumberland'



Appeared in:

possibly published in parts 1743+
The Agreeable Historian ...
Advertised in The Universal London Morning Advertiser Dec9-12 1743



The Agreable Historian, or the compleat English Traveller: giving a Geographical Description of every county in that Part of Great-Britain,called England.. With a Map of every County.. after the Designs of Herman Moll and others.. by Samual Simpson Gent vol l:
Printed by R Walker in Fleet Lane and sold by the Booksellers in Town and Country 1746



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