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IoM von reilly, 1789
Von Reilly, 1789

IoM inset top lh in map of Wales 56 x 52 mm - Das Fürstenthen Wales Nro. 85 (197 x 260 mm)

According to Moreland & Bannister Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly, 1766-1820, was a Viennese art dealer who turned to map publishing in his early twenties. Between 1789 and 1806 produced over 800 maps. Two major works were Schauplatz…der Welt (although titled ‘World Atlas covered only Europe) and Grosser Deutscher Atlas which was the first World atlas by an Austrian.

Appeared in

Schauplatz der Fünf Theile der Welt…Ersther Theil
1789(-1806) {BL (Maps 42.c.2)}







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