logoHewitt + Thomson - 1817

Hewitt + Thomson - 1817
(Isle of Mann.) - 1817
195mm x 265mm - part of a larger sheet with each map within own broad (salmon-coloured ) border which carries title
Complete sheet 'Remote British Islands' IoM, IoW, Guernsey ... together with engraved views of the Eddystone Light and Freshwater Bay, IoW - overall 497x500mm

Tooley has “N.R.Hewitt Engraver Queen St Bloomsbury (1812);10 Broad St Bloomsbury(1814);Grafton St East Tottenham Court Rd (1817);Buckingham Place Fitzroy Sq(1819)”

The complete sheet is seldom seen though the individual maps cut from it are quite common - Map derived from Fannin

Extracted from

New General Atlas Edinburgh [1817] N°13


pXX.75.M (sheet), pXX.64.S (IoM)



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