Stevenson, 1835.

Isle of Man
(inset on Chart of the Calf Sound showing the Navigable Track between the Calf & Isle of Man, surveyed in 1835 by David Stevenson Civil Engineer
Procured expressly for Jefferson’s Manks Almanack)

inset Ea on chart (97mm x 77mm) on chart 272mm x 343mm; A Scale of English Miles 5 - scale 1:537,000
Aa: inset “Appearance of the Calf Lighthouses from the South
chart 46mm/500ft
Island crude outline major roads
Snafield 200ft above the sea (sic)
N to top directions and distances from heads (St Bees, Pile Foundry, Liverpool, stack lights, Ardglass,Copeland Mull of Galloway)



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