Smith, 1815

IoM extracted from larger sheet

Title: A Delineation of the Strata of England & Wales, with Part of Scotland; exhibiting the Colleries & Mines, the Marshes & Fen Lands originally overflowed by the sea, & the varieties of Soil according to the variations in the Substrata, illustrated by the most descriptive names. By W.Smith

This is William Smith’s (1769-1839), famous geological map based on 25 years of study ; he intended to produce larger scale county maps (based on Cary’s county maps) but only managed 21 counties.
Based on plates prepared for the 1816 re-engraving of Cary’s 1792/4 New Map of England & Wales… The plates used omitted most of the political data leaving room for the geological data.
Whole map is on 15 sheets - Isle of Man is on sheet 4
See R.C.Boud “The Early Development of the British Geological Map” Imago Mundi 27 pp73/91 1977

There is no indication that Smith ever visited the Island - the indicated sections are not detailed and probably drawn from textual descriptions - Basil Quayle "General View of the Agriculture.." of 1798 may be one source - though the pamphlet was designed for circulation on the Island, it and its map seemed to have a wider circulation, Bishop Wilson's History though dating from early 18th century when it appeared in Gibson's 2nd Ed of Camden's Britannia had been reprinted in 1797 by Cruttwell of Bath is another possible source.


Sheet 2785mm x 1935 mm; Based on Fannin. Scale approximately 1:315,000 - N to top;
Dedication on complete map (Aa)”To the Right Honble Sir Joseph Banks Bart P.R.S. This Map is by Permission most respectfully dedicated by his most obliged Servant, W.Smith”.

No hills shown though Snea Fell 2004 and 1804 N.Brule indicated; additional place names “Mulin Chilea”
Geological info on IoM seems to be small - ‘blue’ streak running along SE coast (Limestone), the central hills (slate) + the northern plain

Extracted from

A Delineation…
London: Published by J.Cary, 181 Strand London August 1st 1815




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