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Seller, 1695
(1) 1695

(2) 1777

Size: 95mm x 150 mm 1:445,000

Based on Speed - the plates were used in period 1695 - 1701, then in 1777 re-worked to remove Seller's name and used in Grose's Antiquities



(1) The Island of Man by John Seller

Chubb CXVIII Skelton 115

66 coloured maps maps of Eng counties accomp. by page of text

Anglia Contracta. or A description of the Kingdom of England & Pricipahty of Wales in several new Mapps of all the Countyes therin Contained by John Seller Hydrogapher to The King 1695

1696,1711,1703 - Seller's History of England

1701 59 uncol maps - Camden's Britannia Abridged

(2) The Isle of Man


55 of the plates were re-used by Francis Grose - new titles placed in panels formed by double lines but Seller's name not included - other trifling additions outside county borders but maps do not appear to have been touched.

A fine work in 4 vols maps printed at top of upper part of small folio page

Supplement to the Antiquities of England and Wales by Francis Grose Esqr FAS
London Published for S Hooper No 212 High Holborn 1777-87

Again reprinted 1783/87 (maps printed at top of large Octavo page with text below and continuing on rear


The Map was lithographed and appeared in The Old Historians of the Isle of Man Manx Soc vol XVIII 1871 - imprint under outer box "G. Waterson & Son Edin. Photo Litho - 116mm x 137mm



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