Richard William Seale, 1765

Richard Seale, 1765

A New and Accurate Map of the Isle of Man ..

size 180 x 240

Richard William Seale (1732-1785), London engraver and draughtsman. Did considerable work for Universal Magazine 1747-63. Also engraved for Tindal & Rapin 1744-7.
51 maps of counties of Eng + Wales by E Bowen,Kitchin and Seale issued in Universal Magazine from 1747-66
Maps by Bowen and Kitchen bear outside border "Printed for J Hinton at the Kings Arms in Newgate Street London" those by Seale have in cartouche "univers Mag J Hinton Newgate Str"

Appeared in

The Universal Magazine of Knoledge and Pleasure
Published monthly according to Act of Parliament, For John Hinton, at the King's arms in St-Pauls Chrch-Yard London 1747 -66






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