Map of the Isle of Man showing the Stations on the Isle of Man Railway

Map c.1875
185 x 130mm

This map is commonly found pasted on the inside rear cover of the several Leporello Albums

The outline of the Island follows the O/S map - all states show the lines to Peel and Port Erin (opened 1874) but early states show a proposed route, via Rhenas to Kirk Michael which was indicated on several maps from c. 1870 - this explains the strange Rhenas station supposedly serving Glen Helen. Later states have this line erased and the actual line as built marked though incorrectly in places as it was always to the northern (or sea) side of the road from Kirk Michael to Ramsey. Susequent statess add the 1886 Foxdale line; later states add the Manx Electric Railway of c. 1893, at least as far as Laxey, though usually following an incorrect route.

The version illustrated is from one of the later albums, the New Album of 50 Isle of Man Views, which would appear to have been produced for the 1895 season, which though including a retouched photo of the first station at Laxey for the mountain railway does not show it on the map - the MER route is also incorrect.

I'm not sure of the actual publisher - the illustrated version has the seal of John S McCann, Liverpool as publisher but others appear without any imprint



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