Basil Quayle, 1794

Map - General View of Agriculture , 1794

The Isle of Man
Size: 220mm x 160mm 1:266,000

Outline probably based on Fannin though Ramsey Bay severely attenuated and internal details differ .NE to top - skewed shouldered shape - hills indicated as large circles with small hachures, though map has correct ratio N-S:E-W; many features poorly drawn, scale bar is 10% too short. Indicates Ramsay, Peel, Douglas and Castletown only + main roads 'drains' shown 'new drain' in NE corner. Calf of Man exaggerated

Published as part of a small pamphlet discussing among others possible improvements in drainage for the North of the Island - the 'new drain' appeared on several maps in the following 30 years.
Imprint (os):"Neele 352 Strand" - same engravers who engraved the later 1812 map.


EMIoM p4

Appeared in

General View of the Agriculture of the Isle of Man with observations .. London C. Macrae 1794.

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