Maps of the I.O.M - Pigot 1836.

Map - Pigot 1836

James Pigot and Co published many commercial directories; Took son into business - Pigot & Son; from about 1839 he took Issac Slater into partnership; James Pigot died 1843 and the business continued by I.Slater (taken over 1892 by Kelly & Co)

Peel Castle from Pigot 1836

This map with its attactive vignette of Peel Castle appeared in several directories and guidebooks - the map was unaltered though the imprint (bottom centre outside of frame) was altered to reflect the current name and address of the company. Considerable internal details - roads + sheading boundaries. North to top rh corner, view Peel castle in top lh, table of distances in bot lh Frame indicating 1' Lat and long. It is based on that by Bingley published by Moule in 1833 but with the Island rotated 90deg from the strange orientation adopted by Moule

(i) Imprint: Pigot & Son Engravers Manchr

From Pigot National Commercial Directory of the whole of Scotland and of the Isle of Man, 1837

(ii) Imprint: Published by Pigot & Co 59, Fleet Street London and Manchester”

An Historical and Statistical Account of the Isle of Man, from the earliest times to the present date ; with a View of its Ancient Laws, Peculiar Customs, and Popular Superstitions. By Joseph Train, F.S.A. Scot. In two volumes. Douglas, Isle of Man : printed and published by Mary A. Quiggin, North Quay. London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Stationers’ Hall Court. Liverpool: Chegwin and Hall, and G Philip. Glasgow : J. Lumsden and Son. (The map is generally found with vol 2, Train's History was originally issued in parts from 1842 though the two volume work dates from 1845 - the imprint may vary)

(iii) Imprint: Published by Pigot & Co Fleet Street London and Manchester' [59 erased]

"A New Historical Topographical and Parochial Guide to the Isle of Man " by James Brotherston Laughton BA pub William Dillon Douglas 1842


Pigot & Slater General and Classified Directories ... of Liverpool and Manchester ... to which is added a directory of the Isle of Man 1843

(v) Imprint: Published by I Slater Fountain St Manchester

Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland ... to which is added a Classified Directory of the Isle of Man 1846

Slater's (Late Pigot & Co.) Commercial Directory and Topography of the Isle of Man...Embellished with a new Map of the Isle of Man engraved on Steel. Manchester: 1852

(vi) Imprint: "Published by I Slater Portland St Manchester"

Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory and Topography of the Isle of Man with the Towns of Manchester and Liverpool..Embellished with a beautiful Map of the Isle of Man engraved on Steel. Manchester: 1857





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