logoJohn Owen, 1720

Map: John Owen 1720

The smaller Islands in the British Ocean
Size: 120mm x 115mm 1:650,000

Plates containing maps are numbered 1-273 + printed both sides. Strip maps reduced from John Ogilby's survey of 1675 and prepared in similar manner with 3 or 4 strips /page.

Title of each road given across top of page in highly ornamented cartouche below which is a sketchy county map or historical note.

On page 128 beneath details of road from London to Southampton, in a series of maps of the smaller Islands in the British Ocean. IoM based on Morden


Chubb CXLVII, EMIoM p39

Appeared in:

Britannia Depicta or Ogilby Improv'd Being a Correct Copy of Mr Ogilby's Actual survey of all ye Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales: Wherein are exactly delineated and Engraven


1st and sub eds upto 1736 have page number altered from 121 to 128 in manuscript

An Ed 1721
An Ed 1723
4th Ed 1730, 31,34


4th Ed 1736 imprint erased + other pages renumbered
Ed 1751,53,59
An Ed 1764 - Printed for Carrington Bowles..




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